It’s summertime and the days are hot
The nights are short and cool
The hills are dry as a tinder box
The woods are classed as fuel

There’s a campfire ban and a rag tag band
Of pickup truck drivers enrolled
On the Ministries list of hackers and hicks
Who do the Fire Warden patrol

With pulaskies and shovels and water filled cans
We roam the back roads and range
The campfire coals we comb with our hands
To make certain no ember remains

Fire centre calls on the channel for all
With a weather advisory update
Temperature’s up humidity’s down
Wind’s sure to gust afternoon late

We call in our stops and where we intend
To be when the next call is due
If anything happens that doesn't look right
While we’re at it we call that in too

We caution the campers who arrive every day
To relax and enjoy the fair scene
Please take care of this fine site with it’s timber and shade
And help keep our deep forest green

PMD 04/11/19