Interior Doors

Custom wood door design enables you to choose a theme that matches the decor of your home.

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Quality wood interior doors add a touch of craftsmanship and a feeling of warmth to your home. To view our selection of door patterns, visit Door Drawings and get a sense of frame and panel layout. Pick a drawing you like, or one similar to your idea, and click to email for design consultation. Visit Glazing Options to preview some of the glass options available.Visit Panel Options to view the panel options available, and learn more about Frame and Panel Doors

Custom Solid Wood Interior Doors

Use Solid Wood Panel Doors for bedrooms, bathrooms, study, utility. Match your exterior doors with complimentary interior doors of the same style. Door sizes and patterns may be customized to suit your needs.

Interior French Doors

Use French Doors to brighten a room, and give a feel of spaciousness. Visit the door features page to view some privacy glass options.

Closet Doors

Double swinging closet doors are a great way to finish your closets in style with plenty of access. Use Bifold or Bipass Sliding interior doors to cover those awkward spaces with little room for door swing. Bifold closet doors work well in bedrooms, hallways, and front entries.

Pre-Hung Interior Doors

Pre hanging in our carefully crafted full rabbet jambs makes installation fast and easy. Doors are sanded to a 150 grit finish, crated for shipping and ready for on site finishing.

Solid Wood

Kiln Dried Vertical Grain Douglas Fir, is a warm colored wood proven for its strength and stability. Extra thick panels make your door feel solid. Attractive select clear wood will stain well to display grain.

  Contact Second Growth Woodcraft to discuss your plan, and get a competitive quote on your Douglas Fir Door package.